Presenting the Ideal Case with Trial Support

Presenting the Ideal Case with Trial Support

To win a case, it takes more than just hard facts, substantial evidence, and a couple of good witnesses. It takes charisma, preparation, and a great, convincing delivery. Nowadays, many lawyers are hiring trial consultants to handle the work of polishing the presentation aspect of a trial. And trial support lends even beyond just presenting your side during a trial. Trial support is also managing your documents, ensuring a backup of all documents (physical and electronic), and also organizing the order of your positional arguments. Here are three different aspects your trial support team may help you with:

Courtroom/War Room Presentation

Many litigation companies use various software to effectively and professionally assemble a courtroom presentation for you. The lawyer will supply the information and the necessities and the trial consultant team will work to make this information as simple and easy to understand as possible. The key to trial support is keeping the jury in mind. How will they hear the case? What will stick out to them? And how important is it to balance your words with physical charts and other visuals? All listeners are different–so make sure to cater to every kind.

The war room is where the serious preparation begins, typically a week or more before the trial. It’s a simulated courtroom, with the same equipment as the courtroom itself will have. Practicing in this type of a setting will make your presentation flawless, allowing the lawyer and the litigation support team to detect any flaws in the presentation before the actual trial. The trial support team will review exhibits and visuals, again look over witness testimony and questioning, and ensure the timing of the trial.

trial support

Equipment Rental

Trial support may also include providing various means of setup and equipment to clients and their lawyers. Different courtrooms and war rooms may include different computers, projectors, monitors, etc. Some trial support teams even offer microphones, printers, and scanners to make the transfer of your evidence to the big screen as easy as possible. Litigation teams are there to assist in renting this type of equipment, helping you to use the equipment with ease, and timing the use of this equipment effectively into your presentation. All trial support teams will encourage the use of visuals to further explain a key point in the trial. Whether you present picture evidence up on a projector screen, or explain extended data in chart form over a period of time, having the ability to use up-to-date technology will only enhance your credibility with the jury and give your presentation an extra umph.

trial support

Video/Audio Support

Similar to the equipment rental and support, your litigation team should also help convert any audio or video clips that you need to present at your trial. It’s important not to spend your trial fumbling with equipment or trying different computers. Know ahead of time what will work and what will not. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the technology side of things, leave it to the trial support experts to make copies or demonstrative boards and perform video conversions if necessary.

Preparing for a trial is an investment. Taking the time and the money to hire a litigation support team will only help to ensure the best outcome for whatever trial you are up against. Whether it’s clarification on equipment usage, or organization of an opening speech, trial support can make the difference between winning and losing a case. It’s about connecting with your audience and showing your most confident, prepared face. For trial support or any other litigation support services contact for a free consultation.


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