Children’s Miracle Network Working Miracles in New Jersey

Children’s Miracle Network was founded in 1983 by Marie Osmond and her family, and has grown to be one of North America’s leading children’s charities. The charity’s goals—to raise money for children’s hospitals and to keep funds in the community in which they were raised—are ones that James Cortopassi gladly supports. Mr. Cortopassi is director of litigation support at New Jersey Legal in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and he has been impressed with the work of the Children’s Miracle Network and the medical organizations in his community it chooses to support.

In New Jersey, the Children’s Miracle Network helps support Children’s Specialized Hospital. With nine sites in the state, Children’s Specialized Hospital is the premier provider of healthcare services for children with special needs. 16,000 children dealing with brain injury, spinal cord injury, premature birth, autism, developmental delays, or life-changing illness, come to Children’s Specialized Hospital each year, making it the largest hospital system of its kind in the nation. That’s a lot of kids needing miracles. And luckily they have the support of the Children’s Miracle Network and donors like James Cortopassi.

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