Electronic Discovery Expands the Role of Litigation Support – By James Cortopassi

Electronic discovery, also known as e-discovery or ediscovery, serves the purpose of seeking, uncovering, and preparing electronic evidence during the pretrial process in civil and criminal cases. Electronically stored information (ESI) such as e-mail text, images, databases, websites, and even computer programs can provide litigation attorneys with vital information that can also be used in court.

At LITEGATION (www.litegation.com), an East Coast firm providing litigation technology support, ediscovery has become intrinsic to the discovery phase in many litigation cases. As a leader of the e-discovery process, I lead a team of litigation and document specialists in the acquisition, handling, transfer, and storage of large electronic legal files. Using cost-effective software and techniques in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, LITEGATION can accelerate the potentially burdensome process of culling and reviewing large files. LITEGATION also offers digital forensics services, conventional document services, and data hosting for accurate document review.

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